8th Grade Math Linear Relationships and Functions Worksheets

A linear relationship is any equation that, when graphed, gives you a straight line. A linear function is defined as a function that has either one or two variables without exponents. It is a function that graphs the straight line. In case, if the function contains more variables, then the variables should be constant, or it might be the known variables for the function to remain in the same linear function condition. This linear relationship and function worksheet gives guidance to students and enhances their understanding.

Teaching the linear relationship and function easily.


The equation can have up to two variables, but it cannot have more than two variables.


All the variables in the equation are to the first power.

None are squared or cubed or taken to any power. And also, none of the variables will be in the denominator.

The expression for the linear equation is; y = mx + c

Find the slope of a graph for the following function.

·    f(3) = -1 and f(-8) = -6

·    Let’s write it again as ordered pairs

·    f(3) =-1 and f(8) = -6

·    (3, -1) (8, -6)

·    we will use the slope formula to evaluate the slope

·    (3, -1) (8, -6)

·    (x,y1) (x2, y2)

·    Slope Formula, m =y2−y1/x2−x1

·    −6−(−1)8−(−3)=−55

·    m = 1 is the slope for this function.


Why Should you use linear relationship and function worksheets for your students?


  • The study of linear functions is important as it provides students with their first experience of identifying and interpreting the relationship between two dependent variables.
  • Linear relationships can support statistical analysis to determine the presence of correlations and causal relationships between variables.


Download this linear relationship and function Worksheet PDF for your students’ ease of learning math.

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