8th Grade Math Solving Equations

Solving equations unit worksheet will help your students to understand this concept better. The equations consist of a minimum of two terms that have variables or numbers that are connected by an operator (addition, subtfraction, division and multiplication) in between. Some examples of an equation are 2x + 3y = 7 or 3x > 8y etc. An equations can be solved in multiple ways using many steps. 


Important Points on Solving Equations 


There are various types of terms that are involved in an equation. Such as: constants, variables, terms, and so on. 

  • Constant is a numerical value that is fixed in an equation. 
  • A symbol that does not have a fixed value is known as a variable. 
  • A single variable, or a combination of variables, and a constant that is combined either with division or multiplication is known as a term. 


Solving Equations Examples  


  1. Is 3 a solution to this equation : 4x + 14 = 24. 


Equation = 4x + 14 = 24. 

On substituting the value of x by 3. 


4 * 3 + 14 = 24 

12 + 14 = 24 

26 > 24. 

No! 3 is a not a solution to this equation and is unequal. 


  1. Is 4 a solution to this equation : 4x + 20 = 50. 


Equation = 4x + 20 = 50 


On substituting the value of x by 4. 


4 * 4 + 20 = 50


16 + 20 = 50 

36 ≠ 50. 


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