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The 8th-grade math curriculum has been designed to help students advance mathematically, particularly in the areas of algebraic equations. They focus on three core areas; reasoning and formulating, describing and deriving relationships, and analyzing two and three-dimensional figures. 


Students are also taught to expand their understanding of proportional relationships. They also learn the importance of solutions and application to single linear equations. They work on various models with bivariate data and learn to make the necessary predictions. Functions open a new arena for them to learn high-value functions in high school. They continue by studying with measurement and movement of figures, lines, and angles with two and three-dimensional figures. 

8th Grade Course Summary 


In 8th grade math, students are introduced to high-value concepts and expand their knowledge of operations and execution of these concepts. Here is a brief overview of the 8th Grade Math Course:




Linear Relationships And Functions

Scientific Notation


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