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Free 6th Grade Math Resources

6th-grade math is a crucial part of a student’s math education. It introduces students to key mathematical concepts while strengthening the concepts learnt in their previous grade. In  6-th grade math students also learn essential concepts and make a progression towards algebra for middle school. 


Students will learn how to explore and reason and investigate numbers. They will also delve into understanding concepts such as Ratio and Proportion, Rational Numbers which will help them build math skills for the upcoming grades. In addition to these topics, students will also continue to study how to calculate the area and perimeter of different geometric figures and work on understanding statistics and data.

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6th Grade Course Summary 


In 6th grade math, students will learn advanced mathematical concepts and perform new operations. Here is a brief overview of the 6th Grade Math Course; 


Foundational Skills

  • Convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions


Number System


  • Subtract decimals
  • Multiply decimals
  • Identify GCF (listing)
  • Identify GCF (ladder method)
  • Identify LCM (listing)
  • Solve word problems with GCF
  • Solve word problems with LCM
  • Fraction division problems (with models)
  • Fraction division problems (no models)
  • Fraction division word problems
  • Fraction division word problems with left-overs
  • Ordering fractions, decimals, percents
  • Divide whole numbers(Sep)
  • Add decimals(Sep)
  • Divide decimals(Oct)
  • Divide decimals word problems(Oct)
  • Multiply fractions (cancel common factors)(Oct)


Coordinate Plane


  • Intro to the coordinate plane
  • Plotting points
  • Move points on a coordinate plane
  • Reflect points on a coordinate plane
  • Find the distance between two points
  • Find the distance between two points (real world problems)


Ratios and Rates


  • Writing ratios
  • Simplify whole number ratios (word problems)
  • Simplify fraction and decimal ratios
  • Ratio table strategies (finding common factors)
  • Ratio table strategies (finding row multipliers)
  • Ratio table strategies (finding column multipliers)
  • Solve ratio problems using double number lines
  • Solve ratio problems using ratio tables (word problems)
  • Solve three part ratio problems (word problems)
  • Find unit rates with double number line (word problems)
  • Find unit rates with fractions (word problems)
  • Find unit rates with hours and minutes
  • Compare unit rates
  • Solve multi-step problems using unit rate (word problems)
  • Convert units
  • Convert units (word problems)


Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities


  • Identify parts of an expression
  • Write one-step expressions (word problems)
  • Model equations with clothes hangers
  • Combining like terms
  • Distributive property (expanding) with area model
  • Distributive property (expanding)
  • Distributive property (factoring)
  • Simplify exponents
  • Order of operations (without parentheses)
  • Evaluate expressions
  • Write an inequality to match a graph
  • Write simple inequality (word problems)
  • Identify variables and write equations from a graph
  • Translate to one-step expressions(Sep)
  • Translate to two-step expressions(Sep)
  • Translate to expressions with parentheses(Sep)
  • Write and evaluate expressions (word problems)(Sep)
  • Write two-step expressions (word problems)(Sep)
  • Model equations with tape diagrams(Sep)
  • Translate to one-step equations(Sep)
  • Write one-step equations (word problems)(Sep)
  • Write two-step equations (word problems)(Sep)
  • Distributive property (factoring) with area model(Sep)
  • Order of operations (with parentheses)(Sep)
  • Create a graph to match inequality(Sep)
  • Write one-step inequality (word problems)(Sep)
  • Solve one-step equations (adding and subtracting)(Sep)
  • Solve one-step equations (multiplying and dividing)(Sep)
  • Write and solve one-step equations (word problems)(Sep)
  • Write equations from a table(Sep)
  • Complete a table from an equation(Sep)




  • Identify percent (model)
  • Convert percents and fractions
  • Convert percents and decimals
  • Benchmark percents in deciles (double number line)
  • Benchmark percents in quartiles (double number line)
  • Benchmark percents - Find the part (word problems)
  • Benchmark percents - Find the whole (word problems)
  • Scale up and down with percents
  • Scale up and down with percents (word problems)
  • Compare percents with fractions or decimals
  • Finding percents using mental math(Sep)
  • Part, whole, percent calculations (using formula)(Sep)
  • Basic word problems (using formula)(Sep)


Geometry(Coming in January 2023)


  • Find area of a rectangle
  • Find perimeter of a rectangle
  • Solve for missing dimension of a rectangle given area
  • Solve for missing dimension of a rectangle given perimeter
  • Identify base and height of a parallelogram
  • Find area of a parallelogram
  • Solve for missing dimension of a parallelogram given area
  • Identify base and height of a triangle
  • Find area of a triangle
  • Find area of a triangle on a coordinate grid
  • Solve for missing dimension of a triangle given area
  • Perimeter of composite figures
  • Area of composite figures
  • Identify number of faces, edges, and vertices of 3D figure
  • Identify 3D solids
  • Identify net from a 3D solid
  • Identify 3D solids from a net
  • Find volume of a rectangular prism
  • Find missing dimension of a rectangular prism given volume
  • Find volume of a rectangular prism with fractional cubes
  • Volume of a rectangular prism (word problems)
  • Solve for missing dimension given volume (word problems)
  • Find surface area given a rectangular prism
  • Find surface area given a net of a rectangular prism
  • Find surface area given a net of a triangular prism
  • Find surface area given a net of a square pyramid
  • Find surface area given a net of a triangular pyramid


Negative Numbers(Coming in January 2023)


  • Identify negative numbers on a number line
  • Plot numbers on a number line
  • Interpret signed numbers (word problems)
  • Identify opposites on a number line
  • Identify opposites
  • Interpret negative symbol as opposite
  • Find absolute value (number line)
  • Find absolute value (symbol)
  • Identify numbers with the same absolute value
  • Compare absolute values
  • Interpret absolute value (word problems)
  • Compare numbers on a number line
  • Compare numbers without a number line
  • Compare rational numbers (word problems)
  • Interpret and compare numbers in a table (word problems)
  • Order signed numbers
  • Less than and more than on a number line


Statistics(Coming in January 2023)


  • Identify statistical questions
  • Find mean, median, mode, and range from data set
  • Find mean, median, mode, and range from visual
  • Find missing value given mean
  • Find mean absolute deviation
  • Identify effects from removing data point on mean and median
  • Find quartiles
  • Interpret quartiles
  • Find interquartile range
  • Read and interpret frequency tables
  • Create a frequency table
  • Read and interpret dot plots
  • Create a dot plot
  • Read and interpret histograms
  • Create a histogram
  • Read and interpret bar charts
  • Create a bar chart
  • Read and interpret box plots
  • Create a box plot
  • Read and interpret line graphs
  • Create a line graph
  • Read and interpret stem and leaf plots
  • Create a stem and leaf plot
  • Identify shape of distribution
  • Identify clusters, gaps, and outliers
  • Compare data displays
  • Estimate center using dot plots
  • Read and interpret double bar charts
  • Create a double bar chart

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