Free 6th Grade Math Resources

6th-grade math is a crucial part of a student’s math education. It introduces students to key mathematical concepts while strengthening the concepts learnt in their previous grade. In  6-th grade math students also learn essential concepts and make a progression towards algebra for middle school. 


Students will learn how to explore and reason and investigate numbers. They will also delve into understanding concepts such as Ratio and Proportion, Rational Numbers which will help them build math skills for the upcoming grades. In addition to these topics, students will also continue to study how to calculate the area and perimeter of different geometric figures and work on understanding statistics and data.

6th Grade Course Summary 


In 6th grade math, students will learn advanced mathematical concepts and perform new operations. Here is a brief overview of the 6th Grade Math Course:

Coordinate Plane

Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Number System


Ratios And Rates

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