6th Grade Math Ratios and Rates

The comparison between two quantities is known as ratios. It is generally expressed as a:b or a/b where a and b are two different quantities. On the other hand, the quotient of a given ratio that has two different quantities is known as rates. Here, the divisor is called the consequent and dividend is called the antecedent. 


Rates and Ratios examples are commonly used to compare two different quantities.

Important Points on Rates and Ratios 

  • A ratio always exists between two quantities of the same kind. However, comparing the unit should be similar. 


  • A ratio is always expressed either using ‘:’ or ‘/’ symbol. This symbol is read as ‘is to’. 


  • Rate is considered as a ‘special ratio’. It basically compares two different units such as: cents and ounces. 


  • A unit rate is a rate where the value of the denominator is always equivalent to 1. 

Rate and Ratio Examples 


1: There are 20 boys and 30 girls in a class. Express the ratio of the number of boys to that of girls. 


Number of boys in the class = 20 

Number of girls in the class = 30 


Now, Ratio of boys to that of girls = 20:30 or 2:3. 


2: Amrita buys a bag of 10 lb jelly beans that cost her  $45. How much does 1lb of jelly bean cost? 


Jelly Beans = 10 lb. 

Cost of 10 lb jelly beans = $45. 


Now, the cost of each jelly bean = $45 = 4500 cents. 

So, 4500 / 10 = 450 / 1 i.e. equivalent to $4.50. 


Hence, the cost of 1 lb jelly beans is $4.50. 


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Rates and Ratios Grade 6 is an important topic to learn for your students. It will help them to understand more about the comparisons of two different quantities and more.

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