Find Slope From A Graph Worksheet

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To find slope from a graph, we can choose any two points (x₁, y₁) or (x₂, y₂) on the graph and use the formula (y₂ - y₁) / (x₂ - x₁). Here x1 , y1 , x2  , y 2 are the coordinates of the graph. Whenever, the graph of a line is given, and we are asked to find the equation, the first step to find the equation is determining the slope of the graph. 


Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Finding Slope from a Graph Worksheet Easily


  • Firstly, select any two random points on the line of graph of the given worksheet.
  •  Then, label them as x or y or a or by. You can do it in any order.
  •  Calculate the rise and run from A to B.
  • Finally, use the slope formula i.e rise / run.

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