Write Equations Of Horizontal And Vertical Lines Worksheet

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A straight line that is drawn from left to right is known as a horizontal line. A horizontal line is drawn parallel to the x-axis. Similarly, a vertical line is a type of straight line that is parallel to the y-axis. Moreover, it is drawn from up to down. We can easily write equations of horizontal and vertical lines. 

Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Writing equations of Horizontal and Vertical lines Easily


  • A line that is parallel to the y-axis is known as vertical lines. It goes straight, up and down.  
  • A line that is parallel to the x-axis is known as horizontal lines. It goes straight, left and right. 

Why Should You Use a Write Equations of Horizontal and Vertical Lines Worksheets for Your Students? 


  • These worksheets will help your students write equations of horizontal lines and vertical lines easily. 
  • Students can understand more about straight lines: horizontal line and vertical line using these worksheets.&...
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