Complete A Table And Graph A Line Given An Equation Worksheet

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An equation that consists of two variables is known as a linear equation. The graph of a linear equation is a line. All the points on the line of the linear equation in the coordinate plane represent the solutions of the given linear equation. We can take the help of a table to graph a line of any given linear equation. 


Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching to Complete a Table and Graph a Line Given an Equation Easily


Follow the steps given below to teach to complete a table and graph a line given an equation.

  • Step 1: Begin by choosing two to three values for x and calculate the corresponding values of y from the given equation and prepare a table.
  • Step 2: Plot the points obtained from the values of x and y from the table. 
  • Step 3: Draw a line that passes through the obtained points.
  • Step 4: Your graph line of the given equation is ready.

Why Should You Solve Complete a Table and Graph a Line Given an Equation Worksheet for Your Students?


  • Solving a table and graph a line given an equation worksheet helps your students to understand in depth about linear equations, quadratic equat...
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