Graph A Line Using X- And Y-Intercept Worksheet

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Plotting a line on a graph with the help of x and y intercept is one of the geometrical methods to graph a straight line. Graphing using x and y intercepts worksheet has many problems that teach students for plotting lines with this method. There are steps to be followed to graph a line using x and y intercept. Teachers can share these worksheets with the students to let them practice the concept better.


Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Graph a line using X and Y-intercept easily


  1. Find the x− and y-intercepts of the line.

Here, if you let y = 0 and solve for x or let x = 0 and solve for y.

2. Find a third solution to the equation.

3. Plot the three points and then check that they line up.

4. Draw the line.


Why Should you use Graph a line using X and Y-intercept worksheets for your students?


  • By solving this worksheet, students will develop a strong understanding of line equations, slopes, intercepts, and many other concepts. 
  • The worksheet will also enhance their knowledge of using this method to plot line o...
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