Find Slope From Two Points Worksheet

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The slope of a straight line is defined as the scale of the tangent of an angle that line is making with the coordinate plane’s x-axis. Calculating the slope of a straight line only requires applying the slope formula to the given information. With the help of a “find slope from two points worksheet”, students can easily learn to determine the slope of a line on a coordinate plane.

Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching how to find slope from two points easily.


The formula for determining the slope of a straight line having (a1, b1) and (a2, b2) as coordinate points is m = (b2-b1) / (a2-a1) or m = (b1-b2) / (a2-a1) where m represents the slope of that line and a and b represents coordinates of X-axis and Y-axis respectively. 


Steps to find a straight line’s slope:

  1. Identity (a1, b1) and (a2, b2) from the given coordinates of the lines. 
  2. After this calculation (a2-a1) and (b2-b1). 
  3. Place this difference in the “m = (b2-b1) / (a2-a1)” formula. 
  4. Complete the final calculation.


Q. Determine the slope of a straight line having (2,4) and (3,6) as its coordinates:


a1 = 2, a2 = 3, b1 = 4, and b2 = 6.

b2-b1 = 6-4 = 2

a2-a1 = 3-1...

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