Interpret Slope And Y Intercept (Word Problems) Worksheet

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Generally, word problems of linear equations deal with changes over the course of a time period. When changes over the course of a time period is the concept in focus, we usually take the help of the slope-intercept form to find out our answers. The slope-intercept form of a straight line is written as y = mx + b where m is the slope of the number and y is the point on the plane where the line crosses the vertical y-axis. 

Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Solve for Interpret Slope and Y intercept ( Word Problem ) Easily 


Follow the steps given below to solve for intercept slope and y-intercept word problems easily. 


Step 1: Read the word problem properly and identify x and y of the equation.

Step 2: What does not change will be the y-intercept and what varies will be x. 

Step 3: Assemble the values into the equation y = mx + b and find your answer. 


Why Should You Use a Solve for Interpret Slope and Y Intercept Word Problems Worksheet for Your Students?


  • Using a solve for interpret slope and y intercept (word problems) worksheets helps your students in understanding in depth about the concepts of slope-intercept form. 
  • Solving...
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