Graph A Line Using Slope And A Point On The Line Worksheet

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Share this worksheet with your students to help them solve graphing a line using slope and a point on the line. Plotting a line on a graph with the help of given slope, and coordinate points is one of the geometrical methods to graph a straight line. Graphing a line given a point and slope worksheet has many problems that train students for plotting lines with this method.

Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Graph A Line Using Slope And A Point On The Line Easily


Steps involved in plotting a line with the help of coordinate points, slope, and equation of a line. 

Step 1: From the equation of line (y = mx + c), identify the slope m. If the equation is not in exact form, convert it first. “m” is the slope in the equation, and c is the constant. 

Step 2: Recognise the (x,y) coordinate in the given problem and solve the above equation to find the value of c. 

Step 3: Locate y-intercept (0, c) and coordinate point (x,y) on graph . 

Step 4: Connect these coordinates and extend this straight line. 


Q. Plot a line passing through (2,3) and having a slope of 5.

Solution: slope = 5; 

Line equation: y = 5x + c 

Putting (2,3) in x and y

3 = 5(2) + c 

3 = 10 + c

c = -7

Putting c = -7 in y = 5x + c. 

y = 5x - 7

So, y-intercept = (0, -7). 

Now, plot (0, -7) and ...

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