Graph Horizontal And Vertical Lines Worksheet

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Graphing horizontal and vertical lines is easy. Horizontal and vertical lines have zero slopes. To graph horizontal and vertical lines in the standard coordinate system, we use the equation y = k, where k is the point on the y-axis for the horizontal line or k is the point on the x-axis for the vertical line. K is the constant here. Things to keep in mind while graphing horizontal and vertical lines.


Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Graphing Horizontal and Vertical Lines Easily 


  • Firstly, the y will remain constant while graphing a horizontal line. 
  • Secondly, the x can take any numerical value. 

Why Should you use Graphing Horizontal and Vertical Lines for your Students? 


  • These worksheets will help the students to understand how to graph horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Students will understand the basics of graphs like quadrants, constants, etc.


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