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The Change in the y-coordinate with respect to change occurring in the x-coordinate is known as slope a line. The net change in the x-coordinate is Δx. Likewise, the net change in the y-coordinate is Δy. Hence, the slope of a line can be written as: m = Δy/Δx. Here, m is the slope, Δx is the net change in the x-coordinate and  Δy is the net change in the y-coordinate. Based on the relationship of the two variables of x and y, slope of a line is classified into four types. They are: Undefined Slope, Zero Slope, Negative Slope and Positive Slope. 

Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Finding Slope of a Graph Easily 


  • Firstly, determine the coordinates of the two points ( x and y ) lying on the line. They are: x2y2 and x1y1. 


  • Then, you may finally apply the Slope of a line formula i.e. m = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1). 


  • The first step is the important one, if you can identify the coordinates of the two points. Then, it becomes very easy to find the slope of a line. 


Slope of a Line Formula =  m = tan θ = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1)


                                          Different Types of Slope :

  • Positive Slope : While Moving from left to right, the line increases which also signifies that x and y coordinates are increasing. 
  • Negative Slope :  While Moving f...
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