Find Input And Output Of A Function Worksheet

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A function is composed of different components. Range and Domain are two of them.  Range is all the given possible outputs in a function. Likewise, the domain is the set of all possible inputs in a given function. In simple terms, all the terms that enter into a function are referred to as ‘domain’ and all the terms that exits out from a function are referred to as ‘range’. For instance, Input ( Domain ) → Function → Output (Range). 


Grade 8
Linear Relationships And Functions

Teaching Find input and output of a function  Easily 


  • The output and inputs of a function are the possible outcomes of a function. They are often regarded as domain and range


  • The output and input of a function can be easily understood or identified either through graphs or equations. 


  • The input ( domain ) and output ( range ) of a function y = f(x) is given as range= {f(x), x∈Domain}, domain= {x ,x∈R }. 

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