6th Grade Math Number System Worksheets

One of the most important concepts of mathematics is the Number System. The number system provides notations to express numbers in specific forms with the help of digits and symbols. It also provides an exclusive instance of numbers and denotes any figure’s arithmetic and algebraic arrangement. In mathematics, numbers are represented in four different number systems. And a number system worksheet is the best way students can learn these concepts.

Teaching the number system easily.

The four types of number systems are:

  • Binary number system (have numbers with base 2)
  • Decimal number system (have numbers with a base of 10)
  • Octal number system (have numbers with base 8)
  • Hexadecimal number system (have numbers with a base of 16)

Place value of digits in a number:

For example, 21, 543, 448

·       8 – Ones

·       4 – Tens

·       4 – Hundreds

·       3 – Thousands

·       4 – Ten Thousand

·       5 – Hundred Thousand

·       1 – Millions

·       2 – Ten Million


Numbers can be altered from one to another.

Here is an instance based on converting the octal number into a decimal number. Go through this example from the number system worksheet to understand more about the number system.

Convert (210)8 to a decimal number representation.

2108 = 2 × 82 + 1 × 81+ 0× 80

= 2 × 64 + 1 × 8 + 0× 1

= 128 + 8 + 0

= (136)10


Why Should You Use Number System Worksheets for Your students?


  • Your students can increase their knowledge of various number system representations with the help of this worksheet.
  • They can also learn the concept of converting numbers from one number form to another. 

Download this Number System Worksheets PDF for your students’ ease of learning math.

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