Multiply Fractions (Cancel Common Factors) Worksheet

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Common factors can be defined as a whole number that is a factor for more than two numbers. fractions" target="_blank" class="backlink">Fraction is a part of number system that can be represented in the form of ‘a/b’.  In order to multiply fractions by cancelling common factors we can cancel out the common factors of numbers before multiplication. Another way to solve such problems is to simplify that fraction to its lowest terms.

Grade 6
Number System

Teaching Multiplying Fractions (cancel common factors) Easily


  • Divide out elements that are shared by both a numerator and a denominator to multiply fractions by canceling common factors. 
  • Any denominator and any numerator may contain the factor that is being split out.


Here is an example to solve a question on multiplying fractions. Let’s look at the given example mentioned below to understand more about multiplying fractions using the cancel common factors method.


Q. Multiply 14/15*15/16.

  1. Following are the steps to solve the given question. 

Step 1: To solve this, first divide 15 by 15 and 14 and 16 by 2.


Step 2: On dividing the above equation, we get it simplified as


Step 3: On further simplification of the given equation, we get the results as 



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