Fraction Division Problems (No Models) Worksheet

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Fractions are numbers represented as a/b where a in the numerator is the part of b which is the denominator (whole). The dividing fractions worksheet includes all the problems based on the division of fractions and will help the students practice the concept. Dividing fractions is easy and needs the knowledge of reciprocal. In this, the first fraction remains the same and the reciprocal of the second fraction will be multiplied with the first one to get the answer.

Grade 6
Number System

Teaching Fraction Division Problems Easily


  • Invert the divisor into a reciprocal.
  • Change the sign of division into the sign of multiplication and then multiply the dividend with the divisor.
  • Simply your answer if possible.

Why Should You Use a Translate to one-step expressions Worksheet for your Students?


  • These worksheets will help your students to solve fraction division problems easily. 
  • Students shall learn about various different new concepts such as: fractions, division and the rest of it. 


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