Fraction Division Problems (With Models) Worksheet

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We can define fractions as numerical values that are part of a whole. Fraction consists of numerator and denominator. Numerator can be defined as the number that is above the line in a fraction and denominator can be defined as the number that is below the line in a fraction. We can perform arithmetic operations on fractions very easily by following some simple steps. 


Things that should be kept in mind while dividing fractions with models are discussed below.

Grade 6
Number System

Teaching Dividing Fractions Using Models Easily


Follow the steps given below to teach dividing fractions using models easily. 


Step 1: Make rectangular or square boxes for the respective fractions.


Step 2: Ask the question: “How many of these fit into that?”


Step 3: Once we create a common denominator, it will be easy to understand how many will fit. 

Why Should You Use Dividing Fractions Using Models Worksheet For Your students? 


  • Dividing fractions using models worksheets will help your students in finding how the problems have been solved. This promotes understanding of the students. 
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