Add Decimals Worksheet

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The whole number is separated by the fraction using a point ‘.’ known as ‘decimal point’. The set of numbers that are used to express the whole numbers and decimals together is known as decimals. When we talk of the grouping of items, adding decimals is very important. However, adding decimals has the same process as that of adding whole numbers except the placing of the decimal point. 

Grade 6
Number System

Teaching Adding Decimals Easily 


  • Firstly, ignore the decimal points and focus on adding the two numbers. 
  • After the arithmetic operation of addition is performed, count the number of decimal places in the number. Note that the sum after addition will contain the same number of decimal places. 
  • Finally, place the decimal point in the sum that is obtained. 


Why Should You Use Add Decimals Worksheet for your students? 


  • The adding decimals worksheet will help your students to easily perform the arithmetic operation of addition. 


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