Subtract Decimals Worksheet

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Decimals are that type of numbers, which has two parts - a whole number and the fractional part and these two are separated by a decimal point. The dot between the whole number and fractions part is called the decimal point. For example, 35.5 is a decimal number.

Here, 35 is a whole number part and 5 is the fractional part.

“.” is the decimal point. 

Grade 6
Number System

Teaching Subtract Decimals Easily


  • While subtracting decimals, one should subtract left side of decimal with left side of another decimal and vice versa..


  • Finally, the subtraction of decimal will result into a decimal number only. 


Here is an example to solve a question on subtracting a decimal number. Let’s look at the given example mentioned below to understand more about subtracting decimal numbers. 


Q: Subtract 14.2 by 2.1 


Step 1: . To divide 14.2, we will write like this:


14.2 - 2.1 = (14-2).(2 - 1) = 12.1


Step 2: Secondly,  14.2 is easily subtracted by 2.1 to get 12.1


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