6th Grade Math Percents Worksheets

A percentage is a relative value indicating the hundredth part of any quantity. It is a portion of a whole expressed as a number between 0 and 100 rather than as a fraction. To determine a percentage, you divide the portion of the whole by the whole itself and multiply by 100. Exercising the 6th-grade percentage worksheet is very useful for students to solve real-world problems based on percentages.

Teaching the percentage easily:


3 ways to get numbers into percentage

  • Whole number to Percentage
  • Fraction to Percentage
  • Decimal to Percentage

What is 50% of 30?

Ø  Given 50% of 30

Ø  = (50/100)*30

Ø  = 1500/100

Ø  = 15

Ø  Therefore, 50% of 30 is 15.

Why Should you use percentage worksheets for your students?


  • Studying percentages helps the students to understand many aspects of how it works in the world.
  • Students must exercise a 6th-grade percentage worksheet to check their understanding of percentages and enhance their knowledge. 

Download this percentage Worksheets PDF for your students’ ease of learning math.


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