Benchmark Percents In Deciles (Double Number Line) Worksheet

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Decile is a term in statistics that divides a given set of data into ten defined intervals. In simple words, we can say that a decile divides a set of data in a number line in 10 equal intervals. While finding deciles, it is important that we arrange the data in the ascending order as there may be chances that numbers in a given data are placed randomly. We use the concepts of deciles, percentiles, quartiles, etc in the world of finance as well as in education. 


Things that should be kept in mind while solving for benchmarking percents in deciles doubt line line are discussed below.


Grade 6

Teaching Benchmarking Percents in Deciles Double Number Line Easily


Let us understand how to benchmark percents in deciles double number line easily with the help of an example.


Example: What is 30% of 50 kilograms?




We will draw a double number line.


In the first line, we divide the distance between 0 to 50 kilograms into 10 equal parts.

In the second line, we divide the distance between 0% to 100% into 10 equal parts.

When we match the tick mark on the 30% mark of the above line with the bottom line, we can find that 30% of 50 kilograms is 15 kilograms.

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