Basic Word Problems (Using Formula) Worksheet

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Basic word problems given in this worksheet are mathematical problems that are presented in a story or scenario format. These problems require students to read and understand the problem, identify the important information, and then use mathematical concepts and operations to solve the problem. 

Grade 6

Some examples of basic word problems include:


  1. Addition and subtraction: "There are 8 apples in a basket. John takes 3 apples. How many apples are left in the basket?" (8-3=5 apples)
  2. Multiplication and division: "There are 24 pencils in a box. Each pencil case holds 6 pencils. How many pencil cases are needed to hold all the pencils?" (24/6=4 pencil cases)
  3. Measurement: "A room is 12 feet long and 8 feet wide. What is the area of the room in square feet?" (12*8 = 96 sq ft)
  4. Money: "A book costs $20. If you have $100, how much money will you have left after buying the book?" ($100-$20 = $80)
  5. Time: "If a train leaves at 8:00 AM and travels 60 miles per hour, what time will it arrive at its destination 120 miles away?" (120/60 = 2 hours, 8:00 + 2:00 = 10:00 AM)
  6. Algebraic equations: "x + 3 = 8, what is the value of x?" (x = 5)

Teaching Basic Word Problems(using formula) Easily 


  1. Scaffold the word problems by breaking them down into smaller parts. Provide students with a template or a series of steps to follow when solving the problem. This will help students understand the problem better and make the problem-solving process more manageable.
  2. Provide feedback on the students' work and help them underst...
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