Scale Up And Down With Percents Worksheet

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Scale factor is a conversion factor by which the size of a geometrical shape can be changed with respect to its true size. We use scale factor to draw reduced or enlarged shapes of any given figure and to find out the missing area, volume, or length of the reduced or the enlarged figure. We can calculate the scale factor if the dimensions of the original figure and the changed figure are known to us.


Things to keep in mind while solving to scale up and down with percents.


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Teaching to Scale Up and Down with Percents Easily


Follow the points given below to scale up and down with percents easily.


  • The scape factor can be calculated if the new dimensions and the original dimensions are known to us. When size is increased, we say it has scaled up. When size is decreased, we say it has scaled down.
  • Formula to calculate scale up is given as: scale factor = larger figure dimensions divided by smaller figure dimensions.
  • Formula to calculate scale down is given as: scale factor = smaller figure dimensions divided by larger figure dimensions. 

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