Benchmark Percents - Find The Whole (Word Problems) Worksheet

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We know, 100% is the same thing as 1/1 or 1. Similarly 50% is the same thing as ½ or 10% is the same thing as 1/10. Now let us look to see how we can calculate these benchmark percentages. If we have 100%, that is simply a whole number. So 100% of 69 will be 69 itself. Similarly, if we have 50%, that means half the number. So 50% of 70 will be 35. 


Things to keep in mind while solving for benchmark percents - find the whole (word problems).


Grade 6

Teaching to Benchmark Percents- Find the Whole (Word Problems) Easily


Let us understand how to benchmark percents- find the whole with the help of an example.


What is 10% of 67?

Solution: We put 67 over 10. So we have 67/10.

Now, 67/10 is the same thing as 6 and 7 tenths. Thus, 10% of 67 is 6.7.


We should read the word problem properly so that we can decipher what we need to find out.  

Why Should You Use Benchmark Percents- Find the Whole (Word Problems) Worksheet for Your Students? 


  • Benchmark percents- find the whole (word problems) helps your students ...
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