Identify Percent (Model) Worksheet

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The part of the whole that is represented as 100 is known as ‘percentage’. Percentage has no dimensions. It is a dimensional number. For example, 50 % of a model is 50 % of its whole. Percentages can be expressed using % symbol. It can be represented as both decimals and fractions


Things that should be kept in mind while identifying percent are discussed below.


Grade 6

Teaching Identifying Percent Model Easily


  • Firstly, draw a bar to express the 100% i.e the whole amount. 
  • Then, you may split the parts into two equal halves. 
  • Thirdly, divide the whole amount by the total numbers of bars. 
  • Lastly, multiply the value of one part by the number of parts that is needed to make the percentage. 

Why Should You Use an Identify Percent Model Worksheet For Your Students? 


  • Solving these worksheets will help y...
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