8th Grade Math Scientific Notation Worksheets

Scientific notation math is a form of presenting very large numbers or very small numbers in a simpler form. As we know, whole numbers can be extended to infinity, but we cannot write such huge numbers on a piece of paper. Also, the numbers which are present at the millions place after the decimal needed to be represented in a simpler form. Thus, it is difficult to represent a few numbers in their expanded form. Hence, we use scientific notations. Solving scientific notation worksheets helps the students in solving math problems comprising small or large numbers.

Teaching Scientific Notation easily.


When the scientific notation of any large numbers is expressed, then we use positive exponents for base 10.     

When the scientific notation of any small numbers is expressed, then we use negative exponents for base 10.


Convert 0.00000046 into scientific notation:


  • Move the decimal point to the right of 0.00000046 up to 7 places.
  • The decimal point was moved 7 places to the right to form the number 4.6.
  • Since the numbers are less than 10 and the decimal is moved to the right. Hence, we use a negative exponent here.  

0.00000046 = 4.6 × 10-7

Why Should you use scientific notation worksheets for your students?

  • Solving scientific notation worksheets allows students to understand conversion of very large or very small numbers into much more manageable sizes.
  • It helps the students in solving math problems comprising small or large numbers.


Download this scientific notation Worksheet PDF for your students’ ease of learning math.

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