Convert Scientific Notation To Standard Form (Word Problems) Worksheet

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Scientific notation is a technique of representing numbers that are otherwise difficult to write in a standard format. Students can easily learn this conversion technique with a scientific notation to standard form worksheet pdf with answers. 

Grade 8
Scientific Notation

Teaching Convert scientific notation to standard form (word problems) easily


Solving word problems on the scientific notation to standard format conversion depends on the type of problem statements. 


Steps for scientific notation to standard format conversion:


  1. Identifying exponent from 10s power. 
  2. Shift the decimal to left or right depending on the -ve or +ve exponent.
  3. Place 0 in the remaining space. 


Q. Calculate the total population of the US, Mexico, and Canada if they have 3.1 x 108, 3.38 x 107 and 1.1 x 108 people, respectively.


To calculate the total, we need to add these figures, but we have to write each figure in the standard for...

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