Multiply And Divide In Scientific Notation Worksheet

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Any quantity with the same power and base can be easily divided or multiplied. All the numbers represented in a scientific notation form have the base of 10. Hence, we can easily multiply and divide them. In order to multiply two numbers in a scientific notation form, multiply the coefficients and add their exponents. For division, subtract the exponents and multiply the coefficients. 

Grade 8
Scientific Notation

Teaching multiplying and dividing in scientific notation form easily


  • Firstly,  multiply the coefficients, whether integer or decimal. 
  • Then, you may multiply the exponential parts (keeping the base 10 and adding its powers).
  • Lastly, you can merge the solution with the multiplication sign and simplify them.


Why Should You Use a Multiply and Divide in Scientific Notation Worksheet for Your Students?


  • These worksheets will help your students to understand more about standard and scientific notation. 
  • Students can now easily multiply or divide in scientific not...
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