Convert Standard Form To Scientific Notation (Word Problems) Worksheet

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In mathematics, standard form of numbers represents them in general decimal numbers, whereas scientific notation is a method of writing extremely small or large numbers in the form of 10s power. A scientific notation worksheet is perfect for students to learn how to derive scientific notation from standard decimal format. 

Grade 8
Scientific Notation

Teaching Convert standard form to scientific notation easily


Scientific notation:  a * 10m, where a is any number equal to or more than 1 and m is any integer. “a” is also referred to as a coefficient. 


Process of converting standard forms to scientific notations:


Step 1: Insert a decimal point in the standard number in a way that creates a number between 1 and 10. And if the number is already in decimal form, shift that decimal in order to form a number between 1 and 10. This value is the coefficient of scientific notation.


Step 2: You need to count the number of places you have put or move the decimal from right to left. This number is the exponent value that will rise on 10.  The exponent value is negative if this decimal is...

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