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The ratio word problems 6th grade are statements expressing problems that require the use of ratio concepts for determining solutions. Solving a ratio word problem requires knowledge of fundamental ratio and proportion concepts and a comprehensive understanding of arithmetic operations used with ratios.

Grade 6
Ratios And Rates

Teaching the ratio word problems easily.


Q. Calculate the amount of flour required to make 24 cookies if one cup of flour makes 6 cookies. What is the ratio of flour to the number of cookies made?

Solution: As per the information, 1 cup of flour makes 12 cookies.

So, we can write the flour to cookies ratio as 1:12 or 1/12.

Similarly, assuming a “c” cup of flour is required to make 24 cookies, we can write the flour to cookies ratio as c:24 or c/24.

Now, to calculate the flour needed to make 24 cookies, we will set up a proportion between both flours and cookies ratios.

1:12 :: c:24  OR  1/12 = c/24

By cross multiplication, 1*24 = c*12

24 = 12c

C = 2

So, we will require 2 cups of flour to make 24 cookies.

Also, the ratio of flour to the number of cookies is 1:12.



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