Convert Units Worksheet

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Conversion of units is a multi-step process that involves division and multiplication by a factor. We need to convert units because there are numerous ways to measure an object. For example, distance can be measured in kilometers, miles, etc. Similarly, weight can be measured in pounds as well as in kilograms. There are various units of conversion that are used to measure various parameters. 

Grade 6
Ratios And Rates

Teaching to Solve Convert Units Easily


Follow the steps given below to teach your students to convert units easily.

  • Step 1: Identify the unit you are provided with.
  • Step 2: Identify the unit that you want to convert to.
  • Step 3: Apply appropriate conversion factors and perform math calculations and evaluate your result.


Let us take an example to understand how to convert units easily.


Example: Convert 495 lbs into kgs.


2.2 lbs = 1kg

Thus, 495 lbs = (1/2.2) * 495 = 225 kgs 


Why Should You Solve Convert Units Worksheet for Your Students?

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