Ratio Table Strategies (Finding Row Multipliers) Worksheet

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When we want to describe the relationship between two separate quantities, we use a ratio table. It is a model for proportional reasoning. When we find a solution for a problem involving a proportional relationship between two or more quantities, ratio tables become very helpful for us. Here are a few things that need to be kept in mind when we solve ratio table strategies (finding row multipliers) worksheets.

Grade 6
Ratios And Rates

Teaching to Solve for Ratio Table Strategies (Finding Row Multipliers) Easily


Follow the steps given below to create ratio tables easily.

  • For comparison of the given ratio, prepare two columns.
  • Label the table that you have drawn and put in the values in the first row as provided by the question.
  • Determine the operation and fill in the table.
  • Draw a comparison of the value at the given point and find your right answer. 

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