Find Unit Rates With Fractions (Word Problems) Worksheet

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The comparison of two quantities that have different units is known as rate. For example, $30 Per Hour. Unit rate can be considered as a special type of rate where the second amount is 1. We can use the word ‘per’ for the unit rates. For example  $30 Per Hour can be written as $30 every hour. The formula to calculate unit rate is a/b or a:b where, a and b are two different quantities. 

Grade 6
Ratios And Rates

Teaching Finding Unit Rates with Fractions Easily 


  • Firstly, to convert any quantity/rate into a unit rate, always divide the first quantity by the second. 


  • Then, you may multiply by its reciprocal. 


  • Lastly, simplify the equation if required. 


                  Unit Rate = A/B or A:B

                   where a and b are two different quantities. 







Here is an example to solve a question on solving unit rates with fractions. Let’s look at the given example mentioned below to understand more about the concept...

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