scale factors for geometric figures Worksheet

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Scale factor is a type of number by which the size of a mathematical or geometrical figure can be changed with respect to the dimensions of the earlier figure. Scale factors are used to find the missing area, volume and length of the reduced shape or figure. It helps in changing the size of the figure and not the shape of it. For example, a square has a length of 5 units and a width of 2 units. If we increase the size of this square by 2 scale factors. The new length and width will be 10 and 4 units respectively. 

Grade 7
Rates And Proportional Relationships

Teaching Scale Factor for Geometric Figures Easily 


  • Scale Up: It means that a smaller figure is enlarged to a larger or bigger one. Whenever the size of a figure is increased, it is known as scale up. 


  • Scale Down:  It means that a larger figure is reduced to a smaller one.  Whenever the size of a figure is decreased, it is known as scale down. 


Scale Factor:  Smaller figure dimensions ÷ Larger figure dimensions





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