7th Grade Math Ratio and Proportions

Proportional relationship is a correlation between two variables where their ratios are equivalent. Another way to think about them is that, in a proportional relationship, one variable is always a constant value times the other. That constant is known as the "constant of proportionality". In proportional relationships 7th grade, students learn how two or more things are directly proportional, or that the quantities increase or decrease according to equivalent ratios.

Important points of rates and proportional relationships


  • A proportional relationship, sometimes known as the constant of proportionality, relates two quantities according to a common ratio.
  • We can state this proportional relationship with the formula, y = kx. 
  • Y and x here are the quantities that are proportional to each other.
  • The k here is called the constant of proportionality, sometimes known as the unit rate.
  • A relationship is proportional if each pair of data values are related in the same way, by multiplying by a factor.
  • You can recognize a proportional relationship by looking at data, an equation, or a graph.
  • Rates and Proportional relationships are related to each other.


Rates and Proportional Relationship Example


1.   Yesterday, a man put 10 gallons of gas in his car and he paid $30. A couple hours later, he went back to the gas station with his dad’s car and after filling up the tank, he paid $18. How many gallons of gas did he put in his dad’s car?”

  • In order to solve this problem, first we’ll have to figure out the proportionality ratio between the gallons he put in his car and the amount he paid.
  • $30 ÷ 10 gallons = $3/gallon ($ per gallon)
  • After, once we know that the ratio is $3/gallon, we need to calculate how many gallons we can put in the tank with $18.
  • $18 ÷ $3/gallon = 6 gallons


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Sum Up


7th grade students can deepen their understanding of ratios learn to analyse relationships and measures of quantities with proper knowledge of proportional relationships.


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