Find Constant Of Proportionality (Equations) Worksheet

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When two different variables are indirectly or directly proportional to each other, their relationship can be expressed using an equation i.e y = kx or y = k/x. Here, x determines or identifies how the two variables ( x and y) are related to each other. This is known as the ‘constant of proportionality’. The value of the constant of proportionality totally depends upon the qualities of the two quantities. 

Grade 7
Rates And Proportional Relationships

Teaching Solving Constant of Proportionality Easily 


  • Firstly, note down the values of the variables. For example x = 3 and y = 24. 


  • Then, you may use the constant of proportionality formula. The mathematical formula of constant of proportionality is y = kx or y = k/x. 


  • The resultant value is the constant of proportionality for the given equation. 


Let us look at the given example mentioned below to understand more about the constant of proportionality. 


Q. Q. It is given that a variable y varies proportionally with x. Find the constant of proportionality if y = 25 and x = 5. 




Step 1: Note down the quantities of the two variables, 


Y = 25 

X = 5 


Step 2: Find the constant of proportionality using the formula. 


Y = kx. 

25 = k * 5 

K = 25 / 5 = 5

Hence, the constant of propor...

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