Interpret Proportional Relationships (Graphs) Worksheet

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When any two quantities are compared, they are meant to be in a ratio. The variable or quantities are expressed in the form of a/b. In proportion, they are written as a:b. The two variables x and y are meant to be proportional, when y = kx. Here, y and x are two different variables and k is the constant of proportionality. This is known as ‘Proportional Relationship’. 

Grade 7
Rates And Proportional Relationships

Teaching Interpret proportional relationships (graphs) Easily 


  • Generally, a graph in the form of y = kx is given. This is a line that intercepts through the origin. 


  • Then, two sets of different values are given ( x and y ) and the graph is plotted. Further, the dots are connected in the graph. 


  • We can easily determine whether the variables are in a proportional relationship or not. If these lines pass through the origin, they are meant to be in a proportional relationship. 


Why Should You Use an Interpret proportional relationships (graphs) Worksheet for your Students? 


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