Writing Ratios Worksheet

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In Mathematics, ratio is a term that is used to compare two or more than two quantities. Basically, ratios are used to determine or indicate how large or small a quantity is as compared to the other quantity. Using the arithmetic operation of division, two quantities are compared. However, dividend is termed as ‘antecedent’ and divisor is termed as ‘consequent’.

Grade 6
Ratios And Rates

Teaching Writing Ratios Easily 


  • Firstly, find the quantities of both the scenarios. 
  • Secondly, write in the fraction form i.e. numerator/denominator or a/b. 
  • Lastly, simplify the fraction if needed. Otherwise, directly represent the fraction in the ratio form. 


Here is an example to solve a question on ratios. Let’s look at the given example mentioned below to understand more about the ratios. 


Q. In a class of 40 students, there are 23 girls and the remaining are the boys. Determine the ratio of boys to the number of girls. 


Step 1: Find the quantities of both the scenarios. Here, 


Boys in the Class = 40 - 23 = 17. 


Girls in the Class = 23. 


Step 2: Now, write in the fraction form i.e. a/b 



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