6th Grade Math Number System Worksheets

Welcome to the Negative Number worksheet for Grade 6 students, designed to help them understand and apply the concept of negative numbers. This worksheet aligns with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, which aim to develop students' mathematical proficiency and help them become critical thinkers.

In this worksheet, students will learn to represent negative numbers on a number line and understand their position relative to positive numbers. They will also learn how to add and subtract negative numbers and apply these operations to solve real-world problems.


To begin, students will practice identifying the sign of a number and representing it on a number line. They will then move on to adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers, using the rules of signed numbers to guide their calculations.


The worksheet also includes real-world problems that require students to apply their knowledge of negative numbers to solve them. For example, they may need to calculate the change received after a purchase or determine the temperature change over a period of time.


By completing this worksheet, students will develop their understanding of negative numbers and become proficient in using them to solve mathematical problems. This will help them to excel in future mathematics classes and become confident problem solvers.

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