Plotting Points Worksheet

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When compilation of data takes place and we want to understand the relationship between different variables of the data, we usually do it by plotting the data on a graph. Plotting of data on a graph takes place as per the cartesian coordinates. We see the use of plotting data into various fields such as geosciences, architecture, and so on. 

Grade 6
Negative Numbers

Teaching to Solve for Plotting Points Easily


Follow the steps given below to solve for plotting points on a graph easily. 


Step 1: Draw a table that consists of the x values and the y values.

Step 2: Plots these points on the cartesian plane.

Step 3: Connect various dots that you have plotted with a straight line. 

Why Should You Use a Plotting Points Worksheet for Your Students? 


  • Using plotting points worksheets helps your students understand various uses of plotting points on a graph.
  • Using plotting points wo...
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