Write One-Step Expressions (Word Problems) Worksheet

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Those equations that need only one step to get solved are known as one step equations. We perform the arithmetical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to arrive at the desired solution. When we solve a one step equation, we find out the value of the variable that makes the statement true. One important thing that needs to be kept in mind while solving one step equations is that whatever we do on one side of the equation needs to be done on the other side too.

Grade 6
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching to Solve for One Step Expressions (Word Problems) Easily


Let us understand how to solve for one step expressions (word problems) with the help of an example.


Example: John sells volleyball match tickets at a charity event for $5 each. How many tickets does he have to sell at the charity event to make $120?



Let the number of tickets he needs to sell be x.

According to the question, 5x = 120

Thus, x = 120/5 = 24.

Thus, he will have to sell 24 tickets.

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