Model Equations With Tape Diagrams Worksheet

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Tape diagrams are widely used to depict mathematical situations. They are a rectangular visual model that looks similar to a piece of tape. This visual model is divided as per the word problems. We also know tape diagrams as divided bar model, length model, fraction slip, and strip diagram. While we are solving model equations with tape diagrams, we must keep in mind that we create identical rectangles.

Grade 6
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching to Solve for Model Equations with Tape Diagrams Easily


Following steps can be followed by teachers to teach model equations with tape diagrams:

  • Read the word problems properly to represent situations using tape diagrams.
  • Write model equations.
  • Visualise a solution for the equation using the tape diagram.

Why Should You Solve Model Equations with Tape Diagrams Worksheet for Your Students?


  • Solving model equations with tape diagrams worksheets helps students to visualise the word problems that are given to them. 
  • Model equations with tape diagrams are...
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