Evaluate Expressions Worksheet

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A letter that represents an unspecified number is called a variable. To evaluate expressions of algebra, we need to substitute a number of each of the variables in the equation and perform the arithmetic operation. Suppose, we have x + 10 = 20. Here, x will be equal to 10, since 10 + 10 = 20. Once we know the value of the variables in any given equation, we can substitute the variable with their actual values and then evaluate the expression. 

Grade 6
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching to Solve for Evaluate Expressions Easily


Follow the steps given below to solve for evaluating expressions easily.

  • Pick up the actual values of the variables provided in the question.
  • Replace variables with the actual values to evaluate the expression.


Example: Calculate the following expression for 3z + 4m  where z = 4 and m = 5.


We will replace the variable with the actual values. 

Thus, 3z + 4m = 3 * 4 + 4 *5 = 12 + 20 = 22. 

Why Should You Solve Evaluate Expressions Worksheet for Your Students?


  • Solving evaluate expressions worksheet helps your students in understanding how to der...
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