Translate To Two-Step Expressions Worksheet

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Translating to two-step expressions from a text-based phrase is an essential skill required to solve word problems of algebra. Without having the skill to translate a text-based phrase into a two-step expression, students will face many problems during complex questions. Here are a few things that need to be kept in mind when we solve the distance between two points worksheets.

Grade 6
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching to Solve for Translate to Two-step Expressions Easily


There is no set formula to translate a text-based phrase into a two-step expression. However, you can look out for some key words discussed below which will help you in framing the equation of the given word problem.


  • “Double” means to multiply by 2.
  • “10 more than” means adding 10.

Why Should You Solve Translate to Two-step Expressions Worksheet for Your Students?


  • Translate to two-step expressions worksheet will help your students in forming equations from the word problems given to them. 
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