Translate To Expressions With Parentheses Worksheet

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In mathematics, phrases can be defined as a set of words and numbers that can be arranged properly to form a mathematical expression. Expressions on the other hand have a mathematical operation (addition, division, subtraction, and multiplication) and at least 2 numbers. We use parentheses in math to group things together so that a mathematical operation can be performed within the expression.



Grade 6
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching to Translate to Expressions with Parentheses Easily


Follow the steps given below to translate to expressions with parentheses.


Step 1: Find out what arithmetical operations are being performed and between which values.

Step 2: Find out what values and the corresponding arithmetical expression should be contained in the parentheses. 

Step 3: Write the final expression. 


Why Should You Use Translate to Expressions with Parentheses Worksheet for Your Students? 


  • Using translate to expressions with parentheses worksheet will help your students learn more about expressions and parentheses.
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