Simplify Expressions With Power Rule And Product Rule Worksheets

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Power Rule and Product rule are different methods of finding the derivative of a function. Power rule is a method that is applied when an algebraic expression with a power needs to be differentiated. Similarly, product rule is a method to find the derivative of a function that is given in the form of a product of two differentiable functions. It is also known as the ‘Leibniz Rule’. 

Grade 8

Teaching Simplifying Expression with Power and Product Rule Easily 


  • Firstly, identify the expression. Whether, it needs to be differentiated using power rule or product rule. 
  • Then, use the formula accordingly. For example, Product Rule = D/Dx ( f(x)·g(x) ) = [g(x) × f'(x) + f(x) × g'(x)]. 
  • Simplify the equation. 


Why Should you use a Simplifying Expression with power and product rule worksheet for your students? 


  • These worksheets will help your students to know about different concepts. Such as: Derivatives, limits and so on. 


  • Solving these worksheets will increase your students' proficiency in simplif...
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