Intro To Product Rule Worksheet

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In mathematics, there are multiple rules to find the product of exponents. These rules involve repeat multiplication techniques to solve various product problems based on exponent. In addition to the exponent rules, some exponent laws also help simplify the exponent product process. Therefore, the exponent product rule worksheet is the best way to teach various exponent product concepts to students. 

Grade 8

Teaching the Intro to Product Rule Easily


Laws of Exponents:

px * py = px+y

(px)y = pxy

p0  = 1

Product of exponent expressions with the identical base but with distinct powers:

Product of two exponent expressions having the same base and distinct powers results into the common base with the total of those powers. 

px * py = px+y.

For example, 23 * 22 = (2)3+2 = 25 = 2 * 2 * 2* 2 * 2* 2 = 32 and 51× 52 = 51+2 = 53 = 5 * 5 * 5 = 125. 

This product rule applies to exponents with negative bases or powers and fractional exponents.


Product of exponent expressions with distinct bases but the same powers:

px * qx = (p * q)x, here p and q are non-zero numbers. 

For example, 22 * 32 = (2 ...

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