Simplify Expressions With Power To Power Rule Worksheet

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Power rule also known as Power Law is a property of exponents that is expressed using the general formula: ( ax ) y  = a x.y . This formula basically states that, for any kind of value to an exponent, that is then all raised to an exponent, you can easily combine them into one by just multiplying them. This is known as the Power to Power Rule or Raising a Power to Power. 

Grade 8

Teaching Simplify Expression With Power Rule 


  • To solve any expression in the form of  ( ax ) y  = a x.y , we can simply use the power rule. 
  • In this equation, we keep a as the base when x and y are multiplied. 
  • Simply, simplify the equation further to get an answer. 


Here is an example to solve an expression with power rule. Let’s look at the given example mentioned below to understand more about this rule. 


   Power Rule =  ( ax ) y  = a x.y 





Q. : Find the value of (-22)5. 


To simplify this equation, we simply multiply the powers of 2 and 5. 

So, ...

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